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Sypha Nadon: Orheculegenias [MZR023] (8/14/10)

1. Black Insekt Laughter (6:24)
2. Everything Dies (4:49)
3. Anthem (4:37)
4. Ceremony (7:46)
5. The Immaculate Decay Of SHODAN (2:05)
6. Doom Drone Number 23 (6:50)
7. EM04: The Gash (2:36)
8. Worship The Glitch (3:43)
9. LSD 666 (2:34)
10. Tarkussukrat (5:42)
11. Rock And Roll (0:50)
12. Yotsuba Corporation (2:57)
13. Necrotic Mutox (2:25)
14. The Devil You Know (5:59)
15. Bela (0:59)
16. Silent Scream (3:32)
17. Evocation of Yog-Sothoth (8:03)
18. The Dark Dark Song (0:29)

Total running time: 74 Minutes

Sypha Nadon: feedback, church bells, samples, rhythms, drum programming, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drones, electronic programming, piano, saxophone, strings, choral arrangements

"Orheculegenias" is not a proper studio follow-up to 2009's "Our Lady Of The Flowers Of The Red Night." Rather, it is a sort of odds and sods collection, or clearing house, of various songs I recorded during 2010, along with a handful from 2009. Many of the tracks here are ghosts, or skeletal pieces that never became full-fledged songs. Others were recorded specifically for this collection.

Tracks 1, 2, 9, 14, and 18 are from "The Devil EP," which was originally going to be the 23rd Mauve Zone Recordings release. Track 1 samples Charles Manson and Skeeter Davis' "The End of the World." Track 9 samples William S. Burroughs and a documentary on centipedes that I watched on Youtube one day.

Track 3, "Anthem," was music created to accompany a slideshow I created to celebrate the five year anniversary of Dennis Cooper's blog. It is dedicated not only to all my gay friends, but also to my straight friends who have shown solidarity for gay civil rights.

Track 16, "Silent Scream," is a demo of the track "The Demiurge Descends" off "Our Lady Of The Red Flowers" LP. The main difference is an altered sample at the start of the song, taken from the 1984 abortion documentary "The Silent Scream."

All songs by Sypha Nadon
Produced by James Champagne
Recorded at Mauve Zone Studios 2009-2010
Front cover art assembled by JC


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